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Captain Benedict Arnold reports the quantity of Cannon at Ticonderoga


April 30, 1775.

Captain Benedict Arnold, captain of a Company from Connecticut, attended, and reports, that there are at Ticonderoga


eighty pieces of heavy cannon, twenty pieces brass cannon, from four to eighteen-pounders, and ten or twelve mortars; at Skenesborough, on the South Bay, three or four pieces of brass cannon; the Fort, in a ruinous condition, is supposed to have about forty or forty-five men, a number of small arms, and considerable stores. A sloop of seventy or eighty tons on the lake.

Voted, That an order be given to Major Bigelow, desiring him to have the Province Arms, either in Worcester or Concord, immediately brought to this Town.

Voted, That Mr˙ John Chandler Williams be directed to attend this Committee, that he may be employed as an Express.

Voted, That the Committee appointed yesterday, to consider the state of the Town of Boston, be now desired to sit, and form a plan for the liberation of the inhabitants.

The Sub-Committee, on the removal of the inhabitants from Boston, reported; which report was accepted, and Dr˙ Warren, Col˙ Palmer, and Col˙Orne, were appointed to wait upon the Congress with the proposals.

Voted, That two Offices be opened to deliver permits for such persons as desire to enter Boston with their effects.

Voted, That Colonel Samuel Gerrish be appointed to the office of granting permits, at the house of Mr˙ John Greaton, of Roxbury.

Voted, That Colonel William Henshaw be appointed to the office of granting permits, at the sign of the Sun, in Charlestown.