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Company of Artillery


Monday, October 16, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Robert Morris, President pro tem˙, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, George Gray, Benjamin Bartholomew, John Cadwallader, Bernard Dougherty, Owen Riddle, Daniel Roberdeau, Michael Swoope, Robert White, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Andrew Allen.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Dougherty and Mr˙ Gray apply to the Provincial Commissioners for their approbation for this Board to fit up and erect Fire-places in the house on Fort-Island, and to erect what other works they find necessary for the defence of this Province; and that they apply to John Palmer to erect the works, agreeable to the Resolve of yesterday.

By order of the Board, an Order was drawn on Robert Morris, Esquire, in favour of Michael Dawson, for nine Pounds, for his services in delivering to the Pilots, and a number of Vessels at the Capes, Bay, and River Delaware, the Resolves of this Committee for regulating the Pilots.

On motion, Resolved, That six eighteen-pound Cannon be planted on a platform at Fort-Island, for the defence of


this Province, and a Forge for heating Shot be erected; that a small Magazine, for the safety of Ammunition, be built, and that a Company of two Officers, a Drum and Fife, and twenty-five men, be employed for working the said Cannon; that Mr˙ Samuel Morris, Jun˙, and Mr˙ Robert White, be a Committee to see these Resolves carried into execution.

Resolved, That the abovementioned Company consist of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Drum, one Fife, and twenty-five private men, to be immediately raised as a Company of Artillery, and that they engage to serve this Province for twelve months; or, if sooner discharged by this Board or Assembly, the said Officers and Men are to be paid one month' s pay over and above the time they shall have actually served; and that the pay of the said Officers be the same as Officers of the same rank employed by the Continental Congress, and the pay of the Privates to be six Dollars per month; and that every Artificer that may be enlisted and employed in their respective trades, for the service of this Province, be allowed three Shillings and nine Pence per day, over and above their pay.

Resolved, That the Pilots mentioned in the Resolve of the 11th instant be desired to attend this Board to-morrow morning, nine o' clock, with their proposals for their being employed in the service of this Province as Pilots.

Resolved, That three Hulks be purchased and sunk in the most convenient places for defence of this River; that Mr˙ Wharton and Colonel Roberdeau be a Committee to purchase said Hulks, and that Mr˙ White and Mr˙ Samuel Morris fix upon the most proper places for sinking them.