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Town Council of Newport, Rhode-Island


[No˙ 2.] Head-Quarters, November 15, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I received a copy of a letter, signed by James Wallace, commander of His Majesty' s Ship Rose, together with your approbation of its contents. In answer to which, I am to let you know that I will permit you to supply the Ministerial Navy, now in your harbour, with fresh provisions, &c˙, provided the quantity be ascertained, and is no more than is sufficient, or has been heretofore made use of, and that under the inspection of a man that


I shall appoint and authorize, and not otherwise; provided that he, (said Wallace,) with all the vessels and boats under his command and direction, let all the wood, market, and ferry boats, pass and repass, together with their passengers and effects, unmolested and unexamined; on failure or breach of which, I shall immediately stop the supplies. This is all that can be expected in supplying the Ministerial Navy, except they remove out of cannon-shot of the Town of Newport. I am, &c˙,

EZEK HOPKINS, Brigadier-General.

To the Worshipful Town Council of the Town of Newport.