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New-York Committee



The Committee met, August 10, 1775: Present:

Henry Remsen,
John Lasher,
Gerardus Duyckinck,
Comfort Sands,
Abraham Duryee,
Victor Bicker,
Lewis Pintard,
Peter Byvanck,
Nicholas Hoffman,
Augustus Van Horne,
Nicholas Bogart,
Edward Fleming,
Theophilus Anthony,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
William Denning,
Daniel Dunscomb,
Cornelius P Low,
Jacob Van Voorhies,
Samuel Broome,
William Seaton,
Oliver Templeton,
Hercules Mulligan,
John Reade,
John Woodward,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
Joseph Totten,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
Benjamin Kissam,
Evert Banker,
Robert Benson,
William Bedlow,
Eleazer Miller,
John Berrian,
Jonn Anthony,
Robert Ray.


As it is found difficult to make a Board of this Committee, and it is proper to proceed with despatch in the examinations recommended to us by the Provincial Congress, to be made for discovering the persons who destroyed the Boat lately built for His Majesty' s Ship Asia:

Resolved, on motion, That R˙ Ray, Abraham P˙ Lott, Cornelius P˙ Low, William Bedlow, John Berrian, John Lasher, and John Broome, or the major part of them, be a Sub-Committee for taking such examinations, and that they proceed therein with all convenient speed, and return the said examination to this Committee when finished. And,

Resolved, That the said Committee have full power to send for witnesses for the purpose aforesaid.