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Letter from the New-York Delegates to the President of Congress



[Read January 17, 1776.]

New-York, January 15, 1776.

SIR: Mr˙ Livingston arrived here on Saturday, and immediately communicated to us your letters, desiring us to purchase a quantity of powder, &c˙, we accordingly made a particular inquiry how much of that article is now in this Province, and find there is not, nor has there been, any since last April, but what has been in the hands of the Committee here, of which we send an account enclosed, whereby it appears that there is now in the publick store six thousand three hundred and fifty pounds, which, with what is due from the Continent to this Province, is all the stock they have; four hundred and sixty-two quarter casks was all the powder that was brought from Curacoa, though it was said that it was to the amount of three hundred barrels, and that several other vessels, which arrived about the same time, had also brought powder, which was without foundation.

A report prevails here that a fleet of eighteen transports, three ships of war, and a bomb-ketch, have sailed from Boston; that General Lee has desired Governour Trumbull to get fifteen hundred men in readiness, with all despatch; that he intended to march with a small body of men from Cambridge to Connecticut, and with the troops to be raised in Connecticut to march to this place; but, as it is probable you have information from the General, it will be needless for us to enlarge.

The Asia and Phenix are both in this harbour, and the Viper at Sandy-Hook.

We are, sir, your most humble servants,

To the Honourable John Hancock.