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Petition of John Bakeman


Friday, February 2, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourables William Sever, Caleb Cushing, John Winthrop, Thomas Cushing, John Whetcomb, Jedediah Foster, James Prescott, Eldad Taylor, Benjamin Lincoln, Michael Farley, Joseph Palmer, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, Moses Gill, John Taylor, Benjamin White, Esquires.

In the House of Representatives: Ordered, That the Letter from William West, respecting Doctor Samuel Gelston, be committed to the Committee on said Gelston' s affairs.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

Petition of John Bakeman and others, setting forth: "that there were divers Field-Officers chosen by the honourable House of Representatives, for the two Regiments to the eastward of Penobscot-River, in the County of Lincoln. Your petitioners pray your Honours would not concur with said vote until inquiry be made into the conduct of some of said appointments as we apprehend will be prejudicial to the County."

In Council: Read, and committed to Benjamin Lincoln and Jabez Fisher, Esquires.