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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Committee met, Monday, April 17, 1775;

Present; Samuel Purviance, in the Chair, Robert Alexander, Thomas Harrison, William Smith, John Merryman, Daniel Hughes, Benjamin Griffith, John Smith, John Boyd, Walter Tolley, Andrew Buchanan, James Storrett, William Spear, George Woolsey, Benjamin Levy, Mayberry Helms, Archibald Buchanan, Thomas G˙ Howard, William Lux, Clerk pro tempore.

James Scott, master of the Brig Dolphin, from Boston, appeared, and reported his vessel, and look the Oath prescribed.

Thomas Wood, master of the Brig Wren, from London, appeared, and reported his vessel, and took the Oath prescribed.

On motion made, for appointing a Clerk to this Committee; and on deliberating on the matter, it was thought to be most advisable to nominate four gentlemen, to serve alternately, each a month. Doctor John Boyd, Robert Alexander, William Lux, and Jeremiah T˙ Chase, were nominated and appointed accordingly.


Committee met, three o' clock, P˙ M˙, April 17, 1775:

Present: John Merryman, William Smith, John Boyd, William Neill, David Stewart, Benjamin Levy, Isaac Vanbibber, John Crocket, Hercules Coarlenay.

Henry Woolf, master of the Sloop Two-Brothers, appeared, and reported his vessel, and took the Oath prescribed.

Alexander Ferguson, master of the Brig William, appeared, reported his cargo, and took the Oath prescribed.