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Letter dated at Philadelphia on the 4th of November


A Letter, dated at Philadtlphia on the 4th of November last, and signed A, was read, in the words following, viz:

"Philadelphia, November 4,1775,

"GENTLEMEN OF THE COMMITTEE: I sincerely sympathize with you in your distress, and fear the inhuman proceedings of those tyrants that infest America. I am afraid your valuable Town of New-York is in danger of being burned. I would therefore recommend to you to prepare fire-vessels, which, properly made use of, will defend you against your infernal enemies, and save your Town, which is valuable. I am of opinion that I am possessed of a knowledge that would be efficacious in burning such vessels as may come to do you damage; but as my situation requires me to conceal my name at present, it would not be prudent it should yet be known, as it may be attended with ill consequences to me; neither would it be prudent to risk my advice without an advantage in proportion to the service I may do. Should you, therefore, Gentlemen, conceive the above proposal to be of any importance, and deserving of an answer, be pleased to direct to A, at the London Coffee-House, to the care of Mr˙ Hugh James, the bar-keeper. I am, Gentlemen, your most humble servant,


"To the Chairman of the Committee of Safety in New-York."