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Application to be made to certain persons to take command of Artillery Companies


April 17, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committees of Safety and Supplies, at Mr˙ Taylor' s house, in Concord, on Monday, 17th April, 1775. Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Honourable John Hancock, Esq˙, Colonel Heath, Colonel Palmer, Captain White, Mr˙ Devens, Colonel Gardner, Mr˙ Watson, Colonel Orne, J˙ Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Colonel Lee, Mr˙ Gill, Mr˙ Cheever, Mr˙ Gerry, Colonel Lincoln.

Voted unanimously, That application be made to Captain Hatch, for captain of the Artillery Company for Boston; and if he refuses, to offer it to Mr˙ Crafts, and so on in order, as they stand in the Company. Also that Capt˙ Robinson, of Dorchester, be applied to as captain of the Company of Dorchester; and that Mr˙ Newall, of Charlestown, be applied to; that the Captain for the Marblehead Company be not appointed until the Members for Marblehead head make inquiry and report. That Capt˙ Timothy Bigelow be applied to as captain of the Worcester Company, and that Mr˙ Thomas Wait Foster, of Hadley, be applied to as captain of the Company at Hadley.

Voted, That the two Four-Pounders now at Concord be mounted by the Committee of Supplies; and that Colonel Barrett be desired to raise an Artillery Company, to join the Army when raised, they to have no pay until they join the Army; and also that an Instructor, for the use of the cannon, be appointed, and to be put directly in pay.


Voted unanimously, That six Pounds, lawful money, per month, be for Captain' s pay in the Artillery Companies; that the First and Second Lieutenants have four Pounds; the Lieutenant of fire-works to have three Pounds five Shillings; the Sergeants to have forty-two Shillings per month; the Corporals thirty-eight Shillings per month; the common men thirty-six Shillings per month; the Drummers and Fifers thirty-eight Shillings per month; also, that four Shillings per week be allowed for their board.

Voted, That when these Committees adjourn, it be to Mr˙ Wetherby' s, at the Black-Horse, Menotomy, on Wednesday, ten o' clock.

Voted, That the four Six-Pounders be transported to Groton, and put under the care of Colonel Prescott.

Voted, That two seven-inch Brass Mortars be transported to Acton.

Voted, That the two Committees adjourn to Mr˙ Wetherby' s, at Menotomy, ten o' clock.