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Form of the Covenant



We the subscribers, inhabitants of the town of * * * * * * having taken into our serious consideration the precarious state of the liberties of North America, and more especially the present distressed condition of this insulted Province, embarrassed as it is by several Acts of the British Parliament, tending to the entire subversion of our natural and charter rights; among which is the Act for blocking up the harbour of Boston. And being fully sensible of our indispensable duty to lay hold on every means in our power to preserve and recover the much injured Constitution of our country; and conscious at the same time of no alternative between the horrours of slavery, or the carnage and desolation of a civil war, but a suspension of all commercial intercourse with the Island of Great Britain, do, in the presence of God, solemnly and in good faith, covenant and engage with each other:

1st. That from henceforth we will suspend all commercial intercourse with the said Island of Great Britain, until the said Act for blocking up the said harbour be repealed, and a full restoration of our charter rights be obtained. And

2d. That there may be the less temptation to others to continue in the said, now dangerous commerce, we do in like manner solemnly covenant, that we will not buy, purchase, or consume, or suffer any person, by, for, or under us, to purchase or consume, in any manner whatever, any goods, wares, or merchandise, which shall arrive in America from Great Britain aforesaid, from and after the last day of August next ensuing; And in order as much as in us lies, to prevent our being interrupted and defeated in this only peaceable measurer entered into for the preservation and recovery of our rights, we agree to break off all trade, commerce, and dealings whatever with all persons, who, preferring their own private Interest to the salvation of their own perishing country, shall still continue to import goods from Great Britain, or shall purchase of those who do import, and never to renew any commerce or trade with them.


And, whereas the promoting of industry, economy, arts and manufactures among ourselves is of the last importance to the civil and religious welfare of a community: we engage,

3d. That from and after the first day of October next ensuing, we will not by ourselves, or any for, by or under us, purchase or use any goods, wares, manufactures, or merchandise, whensoever or howsoever imported from Great Britain, until the harbour of Boston shall be opened, and our charter rights restored.

And last. As a refusal to come into any agreement which promises the deliverance of our country from the calamities it now feels, and which like a torrent are rushing upon it with increasing violence, must evidence a disposition inimical to, or criminally negligent of, the common safety, we agree, that after this covenant has been offered to any person, and they refuse to sign it, we will consider them in the same light as contumacious importers, and withdraw all commercial connections with them forever, and publish their names to the world.

Witness our hands, June —, 1774.