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Inhabitants Recommended Not to Supply the Troops


Tuesday, February 7, 1775, A˙ M.

The Committee on the vote of the Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Boston, and others, having amended their Report, again reported, and was considered and accepted, and is as followeth:


Whereas, it appears to this Congress, that certain persons are employed in divers kinds of works for the Army now stationed in Boston, for the purpose of carrying into execution the late Acts of Parliament, and in supplying them with Iron for Wagons, Canvass, Tent Poles, and other articles of field equipage, whereby said Army may be enabled to take the field, and distress the inhabitants of this country:

Therefore, Resolved, As the opinion of this Congress, and is accordingly strongly recommended to the inhabitants of the several Towns and Districts of this Province, that should any person or persons presume to supply the Troops now stationed at Boston, or elsewhere in said Province with Timber, Boards, Spars, Pickets, Tent Poles, Canvass, Bricks, Iron, Wagons, Carts, Carriages, Intrenching Tools, or any materials for making any of the Carriages, or implements aforesaid, with Horses or Oxen for draught, or any other materials whatever, which may enable them to annoy, or in any manner distress said inhabitants, he or they shall be held in the highest detestation, and deemed inveterate enemies to America, and ought to be prevented and opposed by all reasonable means whatever.

And whereas, it appears to this Congress, that large quantities of Straw will be wanted by the inhabitants of this Province, in case we should be driven to the hard necessity of taking up arms in our own defence:

Therefore, Resolved, That no person or persons ought to sell or dispose of any Straw, which he or they may have on hand, except to the inhabitants of this Province for their own private use, or the use of said Province.

And it is strongly recommended by this Congress, to the Committees of Correspondence and Inspection in the several Towns and Districts in this Province, to see that the above Resolves be strictly and faithfully adhered to, till otherwise ordered by this or some other Provincial Congress or House of Representatives.

Ordered, That the above Resolves be published in all the Newspapers in this Province, and that it be attested by the Secretary.