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October 28, 1775


Saturday, October 28, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Bernard Dougherty, Anthony Wayne, John Cadwallader, George Clymer, Owen Biddle, Daniel Roberdeau, Francis Johnson, James Mease, Samuel Howell, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Andrew Allen.

Upon application of Anthony Martin, John Price, Larie McNeil, Thomas Pratt, Thomas Clough, John Smith, John Blackland, Simon Easterwood, and James Bachelor, Seamen, belonging to the Rebecca & Francis, Transport, George Hastings, Master, lately stranded on Brigantine Beach, on the Jersey Shore, a Certificate was given them that they had been examined by this Committee, discharged, and permitted to go at large.

By order of the Board, an Order was delivered Mr˙ Owen Biddle, drawn agreeable to a Resolve of the 26th September, and dated the 29th, on Michael Hillegas, Esquire, in favour of the Commissioners and Assessors of Lancaster County, for six hundred Pounds.