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Captain Nicholson' s orders to Lieutenant Nicholson respecting the capture of Governour Eden



SIR: You are immediately to proceed, with the Defence' s tender, off the harbour of Annapolis, and there to land Captain Smith. While he is ashore, you are to stand off and on the harbour, and examine every boat that comes out of Annapolis, or thereabouts, (taking care to distress no boat unnecessarily;) and if you find Governour Eden and Secretary Smith, or either of them, you are to make them prisoners. If Captain Smith has orders to deliver them to the Council of Safety, you will, in that case, deliver them up to him for that purpose; if not, bring them on board the Defence. If, upon Captain Smith' s return, you find they are not at Annapolis, you are then to proceed down to Colonel Fitzhughs, and assist Captain Smith, if necessary, in examining the Colonel' s house and in making them prisoners. Provided they are not to be found in either place, and you have reason to think you can overtake them in standing farther down the bay, in that case you will proceed as far as prudence will direct you. You must be particularly careful in your watch while off Annapolis. Take care to consult Captain Smith in all cases.

Given from under my hand, this 14th April, 1776, at Fell' s Point, Baltimore.


To Mr˙ John Nicholson, Lieutenant of the Ship Defence.

N˙ B. If you find Mr˙ Ross, you will likewise make him prisoner.