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Committee of Sixty Persons elected in New-York


New-York, Tuesday, November 22, 1774.

The election of a Committee of Sixty Persons for the puposes mentioned in the Association entered into by the Congress having this day come on, pursuant to advertisements in the publick newspapers, a respectable number of the Freeholders and Freemen of this City assembled at the City Hall, where the election was conducted under the inspection of several of the Vestrymen; and the following persons were chosen without a dissenting voice, viz:

Isaac Low,
Henry Remsen,
Jacob Van Voorhees,
Philip Livingston,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
Jeremiah Platt,
James Duane,
Abraham Brasher,
William Ustick,
John Alsop,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Comfort Sands,
John Jay,
Abraham Duryee,
Robert Benson,
P˙ V˙ B˙ Livingston,
Joseph Bull,
William W˙ Gilbert,
Isaac Sears,
Francis Lewis,
John Berrien,
David Johnson,
John Lasher,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
Charles Nicoll,
John Roome,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
Alex˙ M' Dougall,
Joseph Totten,
Edward Flemming,
Thomas Randall,
Thomas Ivers,
Lawrence Embree,
Leonard Lispenard,
Hercules Mulligan,
Samuel Jones,
Edward Laight,
John Anthony,
John De Lancey,
William Walton,
Francis Basset,
Frederick Jay,
John Broome,
Victor Bicker,
William W˙ Ludlow,
Joseph Hallett,
John White,
John B˙ Moore,
Charles Shaw,
Theophilus Anthony
, George Januwa,
Nicholas Hoffman,
William Goforth,
Rodolphus Ritzema,
Abraham Walton,
William Denning,
Lindley Murray,
Peter Van Schaack,
Isaac Roosevelt,
Lancaster Burling.