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Major Hughes (Commissary) to General Heath



Peekskill, December 22d, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: I was at the Fishkill when the Tories, the arms, &c˙, arrived. They are to go up by water, tomorrow morning, with eight others, brought in to-day.

General Wadsworth writes me that the time for which his brigade were inlisted elapses on Tuesday next; in consequence of which, I set out in the morning to give direction relative to the camp furniture, &c.

If the Bay Militia are not in very soon, that is, in four or five days, we stand a pretty good chance of wintering in New-York — I mean those that don' t feel poorly.

Colonel Little, who has the command, (Colonel Nicoll being gone home,) is endeavouring to raise a picket, and fix an alarm post. I waited on him two or three days since for that purpose. He is, in my opinion, a most excellent man, but, unhappily, at this time is really unable to go through the duties of the post. I shall inform General Spencer of our situation, and wait on General James Clinton, when I return. I hope you' ll pardon my officiousness, for I cannot help thinking that a few enterprising men might seize this post with ease. The cannon are going up by water to-morrow to the Fishkill. This, I understand by Major Craft, is in consequence of a message from General Spencer.

The secret expedition of our Convention remains a secret to every body but the Tories and enemy. Such a lardy race of animals never before composed a Senate.

I am, dear General, your most obedient, and very humble servant,


The Hon˙ Major-General Heath.