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Report from the Committee appointed to inquire into the state and operations of the Army


Thursday, October 20, 1774.

The Committee appointed to make inquiry into the state and operations of the Army reported. The Report, after being read, was ordered to lie on the table.


Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to consider what is necessary to be now done for the Defence and Safety of the Province.

Resolved, That the Committee consist of thirteen, viz: two in the County of Suffolk, and one in each other County who have returned Members to this Congress.

Resolved, That each County appoint its own member.

The Members of the several Counties retired, soon returned and reported that they had made choice of the following gentlemen respectively, viz:

SUFFOLK. — The Honourable Samuel Dexter, Esq˙, and Captain Heath;

MIDDLESEX. — Captain Gardner;

ESSEX. — Colonel Orne;

HAMPSHIRE. — Major Hawley;

PLYMOUTH. — Colonel Thomas;

BARNSTABLE. — Daniel Dams, Esq˙;

BRISTOL. — Colonel Walker;

YORK. — Edward Cutts, Esq˙;

DUKES. — Mr˙ Smith;

WORCESTER. — Colonel Ward;

CUMBERLAND. — Major Freeman;

BERKSHIRE. — Major Fellows;

Upon a motion,

Ordered, That the gentlemen appointed by the several Counties respectively be a Committee for the purpose aforesaid.

The Committee on the State of the Province reported a Resolve relative to the payment and collecting of the outstanding Rates and Taxes; the same being read was ordered to be recommitted.

Upon a motion,

Ordered, That the Answer to his Excellency' s Message remain on the table.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.