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Letter from the President of Congress to General Mercer



Philadelphia, July 17, 1776.

SIR: I am reduced to the last minute, and have only time to enclose you sundry resolves of Congress for your direction, to which I beg leave to request your attention.

I have the honour to be, sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,
JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To Brigadier-General Mercer, New Jersey.

In Committee of Safety, Philadelphia, July 17, 1776.

It being recommended to this Committee by the Convention to take the necessary steps respecting the Guard directed by Congress to be kept in this City:

Resolved, That the four companies of Militia of this City and Liberties, detained by General Roberdeau, as guards for this City, namely, Captain Smythers, of the First Battalion, Captain Peters, of the Second, Captain Wharton, of the Third, and the company lately commanded by Captain Burkhard, of the Fourth, be required to attend their duty regularly and punctually, under the orders and command of Captain Peters. And the commanding officers of the said companies are required to enrol into the same all such Associators as, from particular circumstances, cannot march with the Militia now called into service for the Flying Camp; and all such Associators are earnestly exhorted to enrol themselves in some one of the said companies, for this necessary and important service, in which they are to continue during the absence of the companies to which they respectively belong.

Extract from the Minutes: