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Pennsylvania Council of Safety to General Washington



In Council of Safety, Philadelphia,

December 9th, 1776 — half-past 8 o' clock, p˙ m.

SIR: We have undoubted intelligence that a body of the enemy' s Light-Horse was at a place called the Cross-Roads, about nine mile above Burlington, and a report prevails that an advance party are at Burlington. From circumstances it may be too true; we therefore wish to call your Excellency' s attention to a ferry about four miles below Burlington, called Dunk' s Ferry, where the river is narrow, and may afford the enemy a better chance to pass and cut off the communication between this city and your Army than any other on the river. We intend to order one (and the only one that is now here) of the galleys up to that place to intercept their passage if they should attempt it. We submit to your Excellency the propriety of ordering the galleys down towards that pass. If you should approve it you will please to give orders accordingly.

By order of Council:

THOS˙ WHARTON, Jun˙, President.