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Southampton (Virginia) Committee acquit William Urquhart



Southampton Committee, January 11, 1776.

Present — The Rev˙ George Gurley, Chairman, and eleven Members.

The honourable Convention, having recommended an inquiry to be made by this Committee, into the conduct of Mr˙ William Urquhart, merchant, relative to certain goods, mentioned in an account enclosed in a letter from one Hugh Warden, dated Glasgow, September 6, 1775, Mr˙ Urquhart, having had due notice, appeared before the Committee, and was heard, touching the importation of the said goods. And it appears, from the account, and the examination of his storekeeper, that no goods have been shipped or received by the said Mr˙ Urquhart contrary to the Association; and that Mr˙ Urquhart ought to be acquitted of any imputation of having acted contrary to the Association, in that particular.