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Committee to repair to the Provincial Congress, and request that the duty of the Committee of Safety be precisely stated


May 17, 1775.

Whereas, it is determined, in Council of War, that ten Swivels be immediately provided for the use of the Army, and delivered in Camp, at Cambridge:

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing Vote be transmitted to the Committee of Supplies, and that they be desired to procure said Swivel-Guns accordingly.

Resolved, That the three pieces of Cannon, with the Stores, now at Waltham, be immediately removed to Watertown, near the bridge, by advice of the General; and that Mr˙ Elbridge Gerry, one of the Committee of Supplies, be desired and empowered to remove the same.

Ordered, That Colonel Orne, Doctor Church, and Colonel Palmer, be a Committee to repair to the Provincial Congress, and request, that forthwith the duty of the Committee of Safety be precisely stated, and that said Committee be empowered by Congress to conduct in such manner as shall tend to the advantage of the Colony; and justify the conduct of said Committee, so far as their proceedings are correspondent with the trust reposed in them; and to inform the Congress, that until the path of their duty is clearly pointed out, they must be at a total loss how to conduct, so as to stand justified in their own minds, and in the minds of the people of this Colony.

Mr˙ William Beman, in Colonel Fellows' s Regiment, is appointed by this Committee to act as an Armourer for the forces posted at Roxbury.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Joseph Austin, of Charlestown, be directed to attend upon the Committee of Safety, immediately.

Voted, That Colonel Fellows be directed to procure a Shop and Tools, and every material necessary for an armourer, at Roxbury, to work immediately in the Colony service.

Voted, That the Commissary deliver Mr˙ Matthew Clark sixty Oars, for the use of this Colony.

Voted, That the carrying any Hay into the Town of Boston, on account of John Borland, Esq˙, be suspended until further order from this Committee.

Voted, That Mr˙ Stephen Hall be appointed to inspect the College Walls, and see that they be kept in proper repair.

Voted, That the Selectmen of Cambridge be directed to supply General Ward with four half barrels of Powder, for the use of this Colony.

Whereas, General Gage has not kept his agreement with the inhabitants of the Town of Boston, but, notwithstanding his said agreement, has prevented, and even refused said inhabitants, with their effects, from moving into the country: Therefore,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Congress, that they rescind their Resolution of the 30th ultimo, permitting the inhabitants of this Colony to remove, with their effects, into the Town of Boston, which Resolution was founded upon said agreement.

Resolved, That Colonel Orne and Colonel Palmer be directed to attend the Congress, with the above Resolve.

Resolved, That in case of an alarm, this Committee will repair to Coolidge' s Tavern, in Watertown.

Upon a motion made, Voted, That Captain How be directed to restore the six sets of Enlisting Papers, which he this day took out without the consent of the Committee, by a fraud practised upon the Chairman.

Voted, That application be made to his Excellency General Ward, that he would order Edward How under guard, until this Committee can have a full hearing of his case.

Whereas, one Mr˙ Mellicant, of Waltham, who is an officer in His Majesty' s service, under half pay, is suspected, by means of his, said Mellicant' s, wife having free access into and out of the Town of Boston, of communicating such intelligence to our enemies as may have a tendency to injure the important cause we are engaged in, and, in some degree, defeat the plans forming for the salvation of this Colony and Continent: Therefore,

Resolved, That the Selectmen and Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Waltham, be, and hereby are directed and empowered to take such effectual methods for (he preventing any intelligence going into the Town of Boston, by means of the above said Mr˙ Mellicant, or any of his family, as to them, in their wisdom, shall seem meet.


Whereas, some of the Students of Harvard College are in possession of Arms and Bayonets belonging to the Colony, which were sent them for the purpose of their obtaining skill in military discipline:

Voted, That they be and hereby are desired to cause the same to be delivered, as soon as may be, to Mr˙ William Hunt, of this place; and all other persons having in possession Arms or Military Stores, of any kind, belonging to the Colony as aforesaid, are also desired forthwith to deliver the same to the said Mr˙ William Hunt.

And whereas, the Surgeons of the Massachusetts Forces are in want of considerable quantities of Linen Rags, either coarse or fine:

Voted, That the female friends to America, in the neighbouring Counties, are hereby desired to send such quantities of Rags as they can spare, to the Selectmen of their respective Towns; and the Selectmen are desired to cause the same to be delivered at Cambridge, to Commissary Craigic, at the Hospital; and the expenses of transportation shall be paid by the Committee.