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Letter from Charles Carroll, (Barrister,) to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer



Mount Clare, March 25, 1776.

MY DEAR MAJOR: I was so much out of order that I was obliged to leave Annapolis earlier in the morning than I intended, that I might not hurry myself too much in my ride home. Unfortunately I got wet before I reached the Mount, and fear, from the pains I have in my hands and knees, and other appearances, that I shall have a smart fit of the gout before I again get to rights; however, shall be able to judge in two or three days. If I should escape, I am so entirely unhinged that I do not think I can venture to Annapolis before Monday next. I hope Mr˙ Rumsey will be down, that Mr˙ Smyth may not be detained longer than is convenient to him. I desired J˙ T˙ to request the Council to let me have their opinion about the tender now fitting out, and I would manage that business while up here. I find, by what I yesterday heard, that many in town think she is so dull a sailer that she will be of no use. Let me also know of any directions to be given about sending down hats, cartridge-boxes, &c.

I find we must look for another Second Lieutenant for our Annapolis Artillery Company, as General Lee has taken Mr˙ Massenbaugh with him. Let me know whether the Council think of coming up to Baltimore. If anything new occurs, let us have it.

I am, dear Major, your affectionate friend and servant,


To the Honourable Daniel of St˙ Thomas Jenifer, Esq.