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Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, December 8


Friday, December 8, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety; Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Samuel Howell, George Clymer, Owen Biddle, Francis Johnson, Samuel Morris, Junior, Thomas Wharton, Junior.

Captain Thomas Proctor, and Lieutenant Francis Proctor, this day attended the Board; and, agreeable to a Resolve of the 6th instant, were dismissed the service of this Board.

By order of Congress, Robert Morris, Esq˙, made application to this Board to secure three persons that are on board Captain Whipple; in consequence of which the following Commitment was issued:

To THOMAS DEWEES, Jailer of the City and County of PHILADELPHIA:

Receive into your custody the bodies of William Stuart, William Cane, and John Reynolds, and them safely keep till you have the further orders of this Board.

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.