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Mr. Mercer ordered to produce a Certificate from the Congress of New-Jersey


It being suggested to the Committee that a sloop, the property of Messrs˙ Mercer & Schenck, was loading with Provisions, &c˙,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Brinkerhoff and Mr˙ Dennis be a sub-Committee to wait on Messrs˙ Mercer & Schenck, and know the purpose for which the said sloop is loading, and report the same immediately.

The sub-Committee appointed for the above purpose returned, and reported, that Mr˙ Mercer, one of the owners


of the said sloop, informed them that she was bound to Brunswick, and from thence to sea; and that he had obtained a Permit from the New-Jersey Provincial Congress for that purpose.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Mercer, within a convenient time, produce to this Committee a Certificate from the New-Jersey Provincial Congress, of his having exported the said Provisions by virtue of a Permit from the said Congress.