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Deposition of James Kinkaid




Personally appeared before me, William Lochey, one of his Majesty' s Justices for the County aforesaid, James Kinkaid, Coroner for said County, who, on his solemn oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, deposeth and saith, that on Tuesday morning, the 7th instant, about twilight, he heard some person or persons striking with a sledge on the Jail door, as he looked out of the window in a room of Robert Hanna, Esquire, and then went to the Jail, found the doors broken off the hinges, and hanging on the locks, and Stephen and a number of men armed present. Mr˙ Hanna says, boys, you are early up to buy a rope to hang yourselves. Benjamin Harrison answered, (one of the men under arms,) what we have done, we have done by authority, and we are not afraid of damage. Mr˙ Hanna brought the Riot Act, and called silence, and read the


same, so that every spectator might hear. Harrison, as well as others of the parties, said he might have let that alone, for they did not regard the Act, nor them that read it, nor them that made it; for they had their orders for what they had done. John Carnaghan then came, and demanded said Harrison to shew his authority, if he had any. At first he seemed to refuse, but at last did read, and this deponent saw the same signed by William Crawford, wherein he had orders to press horses, raise men, &c˙, go to Hanna' s Town, open the Jail doors, and set the prisoners at liberty; and further saith not.


Sworn and subscribed before me, the 13th of February, 1775.