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Massachusetts, Provincial Congress, October 17, 1774


Monday, October 17, 1774.

The Congress met according to adjournment, and adjourned to the Meeting House in Cambridge,

Upon a motion,

Ordered, That Captain Gardner, Mr˙ Watson, and Mr˙ Cheever, be a Committee to wait on the Reverend Dr˙ Appleton, and desire that he would attend the Congress and open the meeting with Prayer.

The Committee reported that they had waited on the Reverend Dr˙ Appleton, and delivered the message, and that he would wait on the Congress immediately.

Upon a motion, the question was put, whether application be made to the Governour of the College, for leave


for the Congress to sit in the New Chapel, and passed in the negative.

Resolved, That the seats now chosen by the Members in Congress, and those which may be chosen by them in future upon their first coming into the same, be their seats during the session thereof.

Resolved, That the Congress be returned in Divisions as agreed on at Concord.