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Letter from William Lux to the Maryland Council of Safety



Snow-Hill, June 28, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I have already written you that I had made inquiry after and seen Mr˙ Brown. He is willing to wait on you, and this will be delivered you by him. The members of the Convention from this County have orders, as I am told by one of the Committee, to recommend him to you: he seems to have been active and spirited on the present occasion. The swivels that came in Captain Speake, and small-arms, lie at Colonel Watts' s. If you will please to give orders to me, I will carry them to Annapolis in our schooner, and one cask of powder, that, in case of an attack from some of the little tenders, we may defend her. She will have twenty men on board. I am sorry they have committed depredations, as it is contrary to the Governour' s promise, consequently the Convention will be justified in making him amenable. I saw two of Captain Nicholson' s men that had been taken by them on Friday, on board a sloop belonging to one Mr˙ Smith.

I am, very respectfully, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


To the Honourable Council of Safety of Maryland.