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House in Committee on the Petition to the King


Tuesday, December 5, 1775.

The House met.

A Message from the Council, by Mr˙ Parker, informing the House that the Council have passed the Bill entitled "An Act for the support of Government," &c.

The House adjourned till three, P˙ M.

The House met.

Mr˙ Fisher, from the Committee to whom the draught of a Message to his Excellency was committed, reported the name; which being read and amended in the House,

Ordered, That the said Message, as amended, be engrossed.

The House, according to order, resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House, on the Petition to the King; and after some time spent therein, Mr˙ Speaker resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Fisher, Chairman of the Committee, by leave of the House, reported that the Committee had spent some time in debate upon the subject-matter of the Petition referred to them, and came to the following Resolution:

That as a Petition is already before His Majesty, to which the House has received no answer, and hoping that it will effect the good purposes intended, in the opinion of


this Committee the present Petition ought to be referred; and that the Committee of Correspondence do instruct the Agent to solicit an answer to the said former Petition.

To which the House unanimously agreed.

The House adjourned till nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.