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Thanks of the Common Council of London to Lord Chatham


London, February 13, 1775.

At a Court of Common Council, held at Guildhall, the Town Clerk acquainted the Court that he had waited on Lord Chatham at Hayes, agreeable to their order on Friday last, with the following Resolution:

" Resolved, That the Thanks of this Court be given to the right Honourable the Earl of Chatham, for having offered to the House of Lords a plan for conciliating the differences which unfortunately subsist between the mother country and the Colonies, also to all those Noblemen who supported the same."

His Lordship was pleased to return the following Answer, which was ordered to be entered on the City Book: "Lord Chatham desires the favour of Mr˙ Town Clerk, to offer to my Lord Major, the Aldermen, and Commons, in Common Council assembled his most respectful and grateful acknowledgments for the signal honour they have been pleased to confer on the mere discharge of his duty, in a moment of impending calamity. Under deep impressions of former marks of favourable construction of his conduct, during the evil hour of a dangerous foreign war, he now deems himself too fortunate, to find his efforts for preventing the ruin and horrour of a civil war approved, honoured and strengthened by the great corporate body of the Kingdom."