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Jedediah Preble and Enoch Freeman


Ordered, That the Secretary, Dr˙ Taylor, and Major Brooks, be a Committee to confer with Mr˙ John Lane on the difficulties which attend the supplying the Indians at Falmouth, Casco Bay.

Resolved, That the Hon˙ Jedediah Preble and the Hon˙ Enoch Freeman, Esquire, be, and hereby are empowered to supply the Indians of the Penobscot Tribe with any quantity of Goods, not exceeding the value of three hundred Pounds, and to draw on the Receiver-General for the same, who is hereby directed to pay such draughts in three months after the date of this Resolve, and to take Furs and Skins of the said Indians in exchange, on the account of this Colony, they to be accountable for their proceedings.