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Officers of the Artillery allowed to enlist Men from the other Regiments


The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Letter from Colonel Legate, reported; which Report, being read and amended, was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Whereas, it is of the utmost importance that the men who shall be enlisted into the Artillery Company should be well qualified for that employment; and it being impossible to enlist the men for the Artillery at large in the Colony so soon as the service requires: therefore,

Resolved, That the Officers of the Artillery be allowed to enlist the men from the several Regiments already engaged, when the men are willing to engage in that service, until the whole Artillery establishment shall be completed. Always provided, that such enlistments shall be no prejudice or hindrance to the Officers with whom such men are already enlisted, in entitling them to their respective commissions, and that not more than four men be taken from any one Company. And the Officers of the Train of Artillery are directed to use their endeavours to enlist as many (who are not under any previous engagement in the Army) as they can speedily; and the Officers from whose Regiment or Company any person is enlisted into the Train of Artillery, are also directed to fill up their said Regiment or Company with all convenient speed, by enlisting other Soldiers in the place of those enlisted into the Train of Artillery.