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Letter from Captain Mantz to Maryland Council of Safety



Leonardtown, August 8, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I am sorry to inform you of the disappointment I and my company have met with; and am really sorry to say, that I believe I shall not have one-third of my men able to do duty, if we should continue here for ten or fifteen days. People here are unprovided with provisions, which I believe are not to be had at any rates. The greater part of my men have been obliged to live forty-eight hours without the least bit of bread or meat, by which means some of them were obliged to act disagreeably and dissatisfactorily to me, although I could not by any means prevent them. The water and climate here are very unhealthy to those people especially who came from my quarter. Although, gentlemen, if it is not in your power, or cannot be obtained by us to return to a place more healthy and agreeable to my men, and where they may perhaps be of more service to their country, I am willing to comply with your orders, and die in the cause. I am at present out of cash, and would be glad if you would furnish me as soon as possible, as nothing here is to be had without.

I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant,

To the Honourable Council of Safety.