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Letter from Colonel Reid to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety


Then, Sirs, I marched my Regiment from Medford to Charlestown Neck, and, with the assistance of Mr˙ Tufts, one of the Selectmen of Charlestown, I got my men into good barracks, and then raised my guard, consisting of one Captain, two subalterns, four sergeants, four corporals, and forty privates; this ended the thirteenth day of June.

I beg leave to inform you that we are in great want of an apothecary and chaplain. There is Doctor Abner Barker with us taking care of our sick, but hath no medicines only by applying to Head-Quarters; he is a man that hath been acquainted with the business of an apothecary, and he hath had the small-pox, and seems to be very kind and helpful, and is willing to tarry if desired.


To the Honourable Gentlemen of the Committee of Safety at Exeter.