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Proceedings of the Connecticut Committee of Safety


A good deal of consideration being had about getting along with and carrying on Fortification sat New-London, Groton, ċ, according to directions of Assembly, ċ, ċ,

Voted, That Colonel Dyer and Esquire Wales be, and they are hereby, appointed a Committee, and instructed to repair to New-London and Groton, view, and examine the ground and places where Fortifications are proposed to be erected, and where some are begun, for defence of those places, and form the best judgment they shall be able of the particular places and parts where the same ought to be made and carried on to the best advantage, and to consider how many men ought to be raised and employed to carry on said Works, at each of said places, for proper security, and how soon said Works may be undertaken and carried on to advantage, and under whose conduct and command, and to consider of proper persons to oversee and direct the Works. Also, to consider of the expediency of removing some, and how many, of the Cannon, the Ball, Powder, and necessary implements from New-London, to Works erected, or to be erected on Groton-Hill, and whether any part of the Company now raised at New-London should be discharged; and, also, of the propriety and safety of the Colony' s Powder and other Military Stores remaining where they are, in a Magazine near the water, in New-London, and whether any part, and how much, ought to be removed, and where to be safely deposited, and such other matters as they may judge to concern the safety and interest, and defence of those places, so far as respects the common good, and of facts, with their opinion, make report to this Board as soon as may be.

Voted, also, That Colonel Samuel Mott be desired to attend with said Committee. (Copy given.)