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Meet According to Adjournment


At the General Assembly of the Governour and Company of the English Colony of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, in New-England, in America, begun and holden, by adjournment, at East-Greenwich, within and for the said Colony, on the second Monday in June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and fifteenth of the reign of His Most Sacred Majesty George the Third, by the grace of God, King of Great-Britain, and so forth:

Present: The Honourable Nicholas Cooke, Esquire, Deputy-Governour; Samuel Dyre, Esq˙ Simeon Potter, Esq˙ Ambrose Page, Esq˙ John Sayles, Junior, Esq˙ John Jepson, Esq˙ James Arnold, Junior, Esq˙ Jonathan Randall, Esq˙ Peter Phillips, Esq˙ Joseph Hazard, Esq˙ Thomas Church, Esq˙: Assistants. The Secretary.

Deputies from the several Towns.

The Honourable Metcalf Bowler, Esquire, Speaker. NEWPORT. — Mr˙ John Wanton, (son of Gideon,) George Hazard, esq˙, Mr˙ John Tanner, Mr˙ Joseph Anthony.

PROVIDENCE. — Mr˙ John Jenckes, Mr˙ John Smith, Col˙ John Mathewson,

PORTSMOUTH, — Mr˙ Job Durfee.

WARWICK. — William Greene˙, esq˙, Mr˙ Jacob Greene, Captain Thomas Holden, Lieut˙ Col˙ John Low.

WESTERLY. — Joshua Dabcock, esq˙, Mr˙ James Rhodes.

NEW-SHOREHAM. — Mr˙ John Sands.

NORTH-KINGSTOWN. — John Northup, Esquire, Sylvester Gardner, Esquire.

SOUTH-KINGSTOWN. — John Potter, esq˙, Carder Hazard, Esq.

EAST-GREENWICH. — Mr˙ Job Gardner, Mr˙ Allen Johnson.

JAMESTOWN. — Capt˙ Edward Hull, Capt˙ Samuel Carr.

SMITHFIELD. — Daniel Mowry, Jun˙, esq˙, Stephen Whippie, Esq.

SCITUATE. — Rufus Hopkins, Esq.

GLOUCESTER. — Silas Williams, esq˙, Mr˙ Daniel Owen.

CHAHLESTOWN. — Joseph Hoxsie, esq˙, Mr˙ Samuel Kinyon.

WEST-GREENWICH. — William Nichols, Esquire, Thomas Gorton, Esq.

COVENTRY. — Nathaniel Greene, Jun˙, Esq.

EXETER. — George Pierce, esq˙, Jeffery Willcox, Esq.

MIDDLETOWN. — Mr˙ James Patter.

BRISTOL. — Major-General William Bradford, Benjamin Rosworth, Esq.


TIVEHTON. — John Cooke, Esq.

LITTLE-COMPTON. — Captain Thomas Brownell, William Richmond, Esq.

WARREN. — Mr˙ Cromel Child, Martin Luther, Esq.

CUMBERLAND. — John Dexter, Jeremiah Whipple, Esq' rs.

RICHMOND. — George Webb, esq˙, Captain Richard Bailey, Junior.

CRANSTON. — Captain Richard Searle, Mr˙ William Field.

HOPKINTON. — Captain Abel Tanner, Mr˙ Thomas Wells, the 3d.

JOHNSTON. — Mr˙ Emmor Olney, Mr˙ Ebenezer Sprague.

NORTH-PROVIDENCE. — Mr˙ Joseph Olney, Major Thomas Olney.

BARRINGTON. — Colonel Nathaniel Martin, Mr˙ Thomas Alien.

JOSIAS LYNDON, esq˙, Clerk of the Lower House.