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Letter from Samuel Tucker to the President of Congress



Trenton, April 2, 1776.

SIR: Since writing last, I find we shall have considerable difficulty in getting entertainment at Mount-Holly for the officers and soldiers now prisoners in this town. Two of the officers, viz: Mr˙ Cleaveland and Mr˙ Shuttlesworth, have been there, and complain of the quarters, and are very desirous that they may be removed to Burlington, where all may be well provided for; which, as our Committee of Safety meets on Monday next at New-Brunswick, I shall lay before them, and hope Congress will have no objection to their being quartered in Burlington, as I find the New-Yorkers have taken every place in Boundbrook, which I passed through last Saturday, and many have moved from Philadelphia to Mount-Holly, as I am informed.

Enclosed you have a return of the First and Second Battalions,
which Mr˙ Lowrey informed me you wanted. As the several officers received their commissions, the date of passing muster, &c˙, in the First Battalion was transacted, in part, by Mr˙ Fisher, the Vice-President of our Convention, who has not yet informed me so minutely as I could have wished.

Our Committee of Safety have directed me to send you the enclosed list of wearing apparel, said to be lost or stolen on the road from Chambly, laid before the Committee by order of Major Stopford, as improper for them to determine upon.

I have the pleasure to inform you that I saw part of our Militia pass Brunswick Ferry on Saturday morning last, on their way to New-York.

I have the honour to be, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable John Hancock, Esq.