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Massachusetts Committee of Safety to Colonel James Scammon



In Committee of Safety, Cambridge,
May 7, 1775.

We are informed by the Field Officers of the First and Second Regiments, together with a number of gentlemen of note in the County of York, that it would be most agreeable that Captain Johnson Moulton should have the command of the Regiment to be raised in that County. The Committee, taking these matters into their most serious consideration, and the necessity of an Army being formed as soon as possible, as the salvation of the Country must depend (under God) on our union and exertions; and not withstanding, sir, you have received orders for enlisting a Regiment, with a prospect of having the command of the same, yet we flatter ourselves that you will, when you view the importance of completing the Army, the delay that may arise in your quarter should you not consent to come under Mr˙ Johnson Moulton, you will cheerfully comply and rest satisfied, as we conceive it is the interest of your Country you aim at, and not any emolument or honours that may respect you as an individual. We doubt not, from these considerations, you will be actuated by that zeal and ardour in the cause of your Country that shall promote its truest interest, and that we shall soon be informed that the Regiment intended to be raised in the County of York is completed to the satisfaction of officers, and men.

We are, &c.

To Colonel James Scammon.