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York County, Pennsylvania, Committee, restore James Rankin to his liberty, and the confidence of his countrymen



In Committee of Inspection and Observation for the County of York, July 12, 1776.

Resolved, That in case Mr˙ James Rankin make suitable concessions, (as he proposes,) and give sufficient surety for his good behaviour in future, he shall be restored to his liberty and the confidence of his countrymen.

"As I have, in several instances, injured the Committee of York County, by sundry publick misrepresentations, as well as by personal insults, thereby obstructing the publick measures now so necessary for the safety of our country, but being convinced of the bad tendency of my past conduct, and desirous of being restored to a good understanding and friendship with my countrymen, I do thus publickly ask forgiveness of them, and do promise, on the faith and honour of an honest man, that I will in future pay due regard to the rules and regulations of the honourable Continental Congress, and behave, in all respects, as becomes a good citizen of the United States of America."


"July 13, 1776."