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Joseph Allicock and Captain Charles De Kay examined before the Congress


Die Sabbati, 9 ho˙ A˙ M˙, August 26, 1775.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment. No prayers.

Joseph Allicock, according to a direction from this Congress, attending at the door, was called in. He produced three Receipts, of one tenor and date, for Provisions lately delivered to Captain Melancton Lawrence, for the Armed Sloop then under his command, and acknowledged that he had, in the course of the business of the contractors for victualling the Army, supplied all the Armed Vessels except the Men-of-War. He had supplied such Provisions inadvertently, and without any design to injure the Country.

Captain De Kay, according to a direction from this Congress, attending at the door, was called in, and examined, and notes taken of his examination, which are filed, Captain De Kay gave an order, in writing, to the Pilot and Mate of the Vessel, to bring up his Vessel.

Ordered, That Col˙ McDougall take Captain Charles De Kay into custody, and keep him safely until the further order of this Congress.

The Committee appointed to report on the Letter from the Brookhaven Committee of the 3d instant, and to report such general resolutions or regulations as may be proper to


be entered into or ordered by this Congress to be done in cases of the like nature, delivered in their Report, which was read and filed:

Whereas there is great reason to suspect that Vessels with Provisions, from some parts of this Continent, have been put in the way of some of His Majesty' s Armed Vessels, with design that they might be taken: to prevent any thing of the like kind from occurring,

Resolved, That no Vessel depart from this Colony with Provisions, unless the permit of this Congress or of their Committee of Safety be first had for that purpose.

Ordered, That this Resolution be published in the Newspapers and in Handbills.

Mr˙ Sears delivered in an inventory of all the articles by them taken from the Stores adjoining to Bowden' s house, in obedience to the orders of this Congress, which is as follows, to wit: one hundred and forty boxes of Candles, seven Blankets, eighty pair of Sheets, twenty-four Bed-ticks and twenty-six Bolsters, fourteen Halberts, five cart-men loads of Medicines; that the Medicines are in a room at the Barracks.

Ordered, That Doctor Treat and Doctor Thomas Jones be requested to have an inventory made of all those Medicines; and to examine their qualities, and set a valuation on them, and return a copy thereof, signed by them, to this Congress, that this Congress may be able to preserve testimony of the value of those Medicines.

Resolved, That the General Committee of the City and County of New-York be requested to meet every day, Sundays excepted, in order to expedite such business as falls in their department, which frequently arise in this exigency of the publick affairs.

Resolved, That the Congress having thought it expedient to remove some of the Cannon from the Battery to the place where they now are, they will again remove them, as they shall find it necessary for the defence of the inhabitants of this Colony.

Ordered, The Report of the Committee of Ways and Means, to discharge the Debts of this Colony, be taken into consideration on next Tuesday morning.