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Letter from Charlestown, South Carolina, to Philadelphia



Charlestown, S˙ C˙, June 14, 1774.

The inhabitants are much alarmed at the arbitrary proceedings of the British Ministry, and our Committee have met, in consequence of the letters received from the Northern Colonies, and are resolved to co-operate with them in any prudent measure which may be thought likely to remedy the grievance. I believe whatever New-York and your city may conclude on, (we place so much confidence in your moderation and firmness,) our town will readily join in with. Our tea remains here entirely unmolested; if the duty is not taken off the present session of Parliament, we shall probably have orders to send it home,


which must be a mortifying circumstance, as well to my Lord North as to the India Company. We value ourselves much on having given our sister Colonies so striking an instance of our virtue and opposition to Ministerial schemes; if it is not sent for soon it will be good for nothing. I could wish the town of Boston had taken this legal way of destroying theirs, as it is equally effectual; besides giving a proof to all the world that we are so much attached to the cause of liberty, that there are not even individuals among us who would purchase the baneful herb.