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Proceedings of the Committee of Cecil County


On which said Summons was thus endorsed,

On this seventeenth day of May, 1775, personally came William Savin before me, the subscriber, one of his Lordship' s Justices of said County, and made oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, that he served Mr˙ Gordon with a copy of the within summons in time for him to have observed it; and that he told him (this deponent) that he would not meet, and if the Committee wanted him they must come to his plantation, but not inside his yard-gate; that he asked why they did not come or send some of their head men; that upon his (this deponent) saying that he believed if he did not comply with their request, that they would all come, he (Mr˙ Gordon) said he was ready to receive them; that his plantation was large enough to hold them, but they must not come inside his gate, or there would be lives lost; that Mr˙ Gordon told him that he had said, and does still say, that there are a parcel of damned scoundrels of the Committee, and that if they have any thing to say to him, they must come to him, for he is at all their defiances. Sworn before


Which being taken into consideration, the Committee came to the following determination:

Whereas Chas˙ Gordon, Attorney-at-Law, in this County, hath treated this Committee with great contempt and insolence; and whereas the general tenour of his conduct hath, for a long time past, been such as, in their opinions, declare him to be an enemy to the general cause of liberty, for which, they are now contending; and he hath this day been duly summoned to appear and answer unto the above charge, to which he hath returned an impertinent and insolent answer, even menacing this Committee with destruction, if they attempted to proceed any further against him:

It is therefore Resolved, That the said Charles Gordon lie under the imputation of being an enemy to this Country, and as such, we will have no dealings or communication with him, nor permit him to transact business with us or for us, either in a publick or private capacity, which shall be commenced after the date hereof, until he appear before this Committee and fully satisfy them with respect to the above charge; and we do earnestly recommend to all the good people of this County to observe the same line of conduct.

Ordered, That this be published in each Hundred.
True copy from the Minutes:

JOHN VEAZEY, 3D, Acting Clerk.