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Colonel Whipple to Meshech Weare



Philadelphia, 28th November, 1776.

SIR: Enclosed you have a resolution which Congress wish may be executed as soon as possible. What quantity can be procured in New-Hampshire you are a much better judge of than I can be; but I am sure the Army will dispense with all that can be obtained. I could wish to be informed of the success of the resolution transmitted you some time ago for procuring clothing. I hope every exertion will be used to furnish the soldiers with these necessary articles.

Colonel Bartlett can inform you of the state of the Army when he passed through it; since which, I have no reason


to think there has been any alteration for the better with respect to clothing. The disposition that the State that I have the honour to represent has hitherto discovered, leaves me no room to doubt that proper measures will be pursued to effect these purposes, as well as completing her quota of the new Army.

General Howe is on this side Hudson' s river with eight or ten thousand. It' s thought by some that he intends to inarch this way; if so, I flatter myself we shall give a good account of him, as proper dispositions are making for his reception.

Accounts from abroad are very favourable, though of such a nature that I am not at liberty to communicate them. We have nothing to do but to keep a sufficient Army in the field to oppose that of the enemy one campaign more, and it' s over with them.

I am, with every sentiment of respect, your most obedient servant,


Honourable Meshech Weare, Esq.

P˙S. My colleague is now confined with the small-pox, but is on the recovery, and I expect will be out in a very few days.