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Captain Wynkoop requested an order to the Contractor to supply him with Rations of Provisions for his Mariners inlisted for the service on the Lakes.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Abraham Livingston from time to time supply Captain Jacobus Wynkoop with Rations, from Monday last, included, while he continues in this City, for the Seamen raised for the service on the Lakes, and for the said Captain, according to Captain Wynkoop' s Returns, taking receipts for the same.

Mr˙ Chairman informed this Committee that a certain Isaac Nevaro is confined in the Jail; that he has made inquiry, and finds that he has been there committed without any, or on slight grounds.

Ordered, That Alexander Moncrief, the Keeper of the Jail set apart for the confinement of Prisoners committed by order of the Provincial Congress, this Committee, or the General Committee of this City, be, and he is hereby, directed to discharge Isaac Nevaro from his confinement; and that he be permitted to go at large.