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August 21, Connecticut Committee of Safety


Monday, August 21, 1775.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council this day: Present:

His Honour the Governour, Eliphalet Dyer, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West and Benjamin Huntington, Esqs.

Sundry Letters just received from General Schuyhr, Colonel Hinman, &c˙, were laid before us, by which it appears there is great danger of delays from New-York, &c˙, relating to the Northern Expedition, &c˙ A Letter from Major Brown, who has been in Canada, giving a favourable account of the disposition of the Country, &c˙, and many others considered, &c. And a Letter advised and prepared to General Washington, on sundry matters, and copies of the above-mentioned Letters enclosed and approved, and sent by Colonel Dyer and Colonel Elderkin, who were going down, &c.


The Governour also showed us a secret Letter, written by one Brook Watson to President Livingston, &c˙, (a very ill one,) which had been intercepted, &c˙, and recovered.

On application of Mr˙ Hazard, of Edgartown, and proper Credentials, &c˙, a Permit is granted to him to buy and carry from this Colony about one hundred Pounds value of Rye and Indian Corn, for the necessary use of the Town.

A Letter was prepared and approved to President Livingston, of New-York Congress, expressing our concern at their not having provided and sent the Tents they had engaged for Colonel Hinman' s Regiment, and urging the danger of delays, &c˙, and informing of a Permit before granted Mr˙ Rensselaer to purchase four hundred and fifty barrels Pork in this Colony, for General Schuyler' s Army, and the orders to send it by land to the North River, &c.

Letters also prepared and despatched to Hartford, to go by Bennet, who is at Hartford, and sent forward the above Letter to General Schuyler, Colonel Hinman, and Major Brown.

Letter also prepared and sent to Commissary Phelps, directing him to take care of and forward by the best ways such Lead as shall be sent him from General Schuyler, for the use of the Army near Boston, according to desire of General Washington.

And then the Council adjourned to meet again Thursday, 24th instant.