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Massachusetts Congress to Col. Benedict Arnold



Watertown, May 27, 1775.

SIR: We have, this day, with pleasure, received your letter to the Committee of Safety, of the 19th instant, by Captain Brown, and return you our hearty thanks for your exertions in the publick cause, and fully agree with you that the interposition of Providence, in this and many other instances, is apparent, for which we have the greatest cause for thankfulness.

We are clearly of opinion that keeping Ticonderoga is a matter of great importance, and we make no doubt the honourable Continental Congress will take that affair immediately under their wise consideration, and give all necessary orders therefore, as we have addressed them most earnestly on the subject.

You inform us that you have had intimations that some persons were determined to apply, in order to injure your character. If any such applications should be made here, you may be assured we shall be so candid as not to suffer any impressions to your disadvantage, until you shall have opportunity to vindicate your conduct.

We enclose a Resolve of this Congress, appointing and directing Colonel Joseph Henshaw to repair to Hartford, and consult with the General Assembly there, upon this important matter, by which you will see the resolution this Congress has taken relative thereto.

We would just add, that the letter you refer to, of the 14th instant, by Colonel Romans, has not come to hand, so that no order can be taken thereon. We are, &c.

To Colonel Benedict Arnold, Ticonderoga.