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New-Hampshire Committee of Safety to Gen. Folsom



Exeter, June 26, 1775, Eleven o' clock, P˙ M.

The Committee of Safety of the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE, to General FOLSOM, greeting:

SIR: Previous to the receipt of yours of the twenty-second instant, we sent you flints, bullets, &c˙, per Mr˙ Gordon, which the Company has received. We now send what intrenching tools we have prepared, also a quantity of blanketing. As to what you write in yours of the twenty-eighth instant, concerning Colonel Stark, the Congress will meet to-morrow and shall lay it before them; shall immediately provide and send a Surgeon for Read' s Regiment; are preparing carriages for the cannon you request in yours of the twenty-fourth instant, and, as soon as completed, shall forward them without delay. The Muster-master will shortly be at Medford to pay off the forces; by him will send your commission; have sent ninety-two tents, and shall, within a week, forward sixty more.

We earnestly wish you the favour and protection of Heaven, and are yours, &c.

By order of the Committee:

M˙ THORNTON, Chairman.