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Committee for Chester County, Pennsylvania, require Returns from the Militia and Associators of the County



In Committee, December 26, 1775.

Extract from the Votes of Assembly. — "All Battalions now formed, as well as those hereafter to be formed, are desired to make the necessary returns of their officers, with their respective ranks, to the Committee of their County; and the Committees are desired to certify such returns, with their respective ranks, to the Committee of their County; and the Committees are desired, to certify such returns, with the respective rank of each Battalion in their County, to the Committee of Safety, that commissions may be issued immediately for every officer, in conformity with these Rules." — [Article 24.]

This Committee, taking the foregoing Regulation into consideration,

Resolved, That the respective Colonels of the Militia of this County be, and they are, hereby requested to make the necessary Returns of their Officers, with their respective ranks, to Colonel Anthony Wayne, Chairman of this Committee; and he is hereby empowered and desired to certify such Returns, with the respective Rank of each Battalion in this County, to the Committee of Safety, by the 20th day of January next. And it is further recommended, that each Township, or sufficient number of Associators to form a Company, (after the Companies already formed are full,) that hath not already chosen their Officers, do immediately proceed to elect them, that Returns maybe made as above directed. And it is further earnestly recommended to the Associators of this County, to acquiesce under, and subscribe their names to, the Rules and Regulations for the better government of the Military Associators, as formed by the honourable House of Assembly of this Province, until there may be an opportunity of an amendment. And they are desired, to pay a strict regard and attention to the 23d Article, which is in these words: "No Commissioned, Non-commissioned Officer, or Private, shall withdraw himself from the Company to which he belongs, without a discharge from the Commanding Officer of the Battalion; nor shall such person be received in any other Company without such discharge."

Resolved, That Anthony Wayne, James Mogre, Francis Johnston, Esquires, Doctor Samuel Kennedy, Caleb Davis, William Montgomery, Persifor Frazer, and Richard Thomas, gentlemen, or any five, or more of them, be appointed, and they are hereby appointed, to represent this County (if occasion be) in Provincial Convention for the ensuing year. — [Extract from the Minutes.]

By order of the Committee: