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Colonel Nathaniel Folsom appointed to take the general command of the Troops


Tuesday, May 23, 1775, A˙M.

Voted, That the Secretary prepare a List of the Delegates to keep a proper account of their daily attendance.

Voted, That there be a Post Office in Exeter.

Voted, That the Reverend Mr˙ Farrar,, Mr˙ Sparhawk, and Mr˙ Edward Parsons, be added to the Committee for preparing a Letter to the Continental Congress.

Adjourned to three o' clock, P˙M.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That Colonel Nathaniel Folsom, be appointed to take the general command of the men that may be raised, or are already raised in this Government, for this season.

Voted, That Josiah Moulton, 3d, be added to the Committee of Supplies.

Voted, That there be procured some suitable person to officiate as Chaplain to each Regiment in the service.

Voted, That there be a Surgeon and Surgeon' s Mate procured for each Regiment.

Voted, That it be left to the Committee of Safety to recommend persons they think proper for Chaplains, Surgeons, and Surgeon' s Mates.

Voted, That the Committee of Safety procure proper forms for enlisting Soldiers, &c.

Voted, That Colonel Nicholas Gilman be Treasurer and Receiver-General of this Colony, and that he, with two sufficient sureties, give bond to the Honourable Matthew Thornton, Esq˙, President of this Congress, or his successor in that office, for the faithful discharge of his trust.

Voted, That there be raised, levied, and paid by the inhabitants of this Province, in the same proportion as was last used in levying and proportioning the Taxes of this Province, the sum of Three Thousand Pounds, lawful money, and paid unto Nicholas Gilman, Esq˙, of Exeter, as Treasurer appointed by this Convention, by the first day of November next.

Voted, That all Officers and Soldiers employed in the service shall be taxed as other persons are, according to their ability.

Adjourned till to-morrow, nine o' clock in the morning.