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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Committee met, as by adjournment, December 28, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman. William Smith, Vice-Prsident, William Buchanan, WilliamSpear, John Smith, Andrew Buchanan,


John Merryman, George Woolsey, Nicholas Jones, Mark Alexander, William Lux, John Boyd, Clerk.

The case S˙ B˙, Jacob Manwaring, imported in the Ship Sims, Captain Hocker, was ordered to be delivered to Mr˙ Lopez Fernandez, who engages to store and keep it safe till further orders from the Committee.

Mr˙ James Christie appeared before the Committee, and laid before them Invoices of certain Goods arrived in the Sims, Captain Elias Hocker, since the first day of December.

After debating the matter, it was determined, that said Goods should be sold, under the direction of the Committee, at publick vendue, by the cargo, provided they can be sold for not less than two per cent˙ advance on the foot of the Invoice; but if they cannot be sold for such advance, then they are to be opened, and sold in lots to the highest bidder.

In the first method of selling, Messrs˙ John Merryman and George Woolsey are appointed to superintend the sales; in the latter, a venduemaster is to be employed.

Mr˙ Cornthwait laid before the Committee Invoices of Goods imported in the Ship Sims, Captain Hocker, and solemnly affirmed that these Goods were ordered by him before the first day of June last.

The Committee ordered that these Goods should be sold at publick vendue, by the cargo, for what they will fetch above the first cost and charges.

Messrs˙ Mark Alexander and James Calhoun are appointed to sell the same.

Mr˙ William Smith reports, that he expects a case of Merchandise from Liverpool, by way of Philadelphia, which had been ordered before the first day of June.

It is Ordered, That it be sold by publick vendue in the same manner, and by the same persons, who are appointed to sell the Goods of Messrs˙ John Smith & Sons, Lux and Bowley, and William Neill.