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Measures to Prevent the Exportation


Monday, February 5, 1776.

Congress met according to adjournment.

A Letter from Lord Stirling, enclosing several Letters respecting the loading of Vessels in several parts of this Province with Lumber for the West-India Islands, was read; and, on motion made,

Resolved, unanimously, That all County and Town Committees within this Province, exert themselves to prevent any Vessel within their several Districts, taking in any lading, or departing therewith, from any Port in this Province, contrary to the General Association of the Continental Congress, unless the master of such Vessel produce a special License therefor, duly authenticated from said Congress, agreeable to a subsequent Resolve thereof, or from the Congress or Committee of Safety of this Province, signed by the President or Vice-President; and, also, that they particularly attend to all imports into this Colony, that the Resolutions of the Continental Congress be duly observed; and that the Militia of this Province do give all necessary assistance to said Committees in their exertions above-mentioned, when called upon for that purpose. And it is hereby recommended to the Officers of the Continental Troops which are or may be in this Province, also to assist in the above measures, when thereunto particularly requested by the Committees aforesaid.

And it is further Resolved, That no County or Town Committee within this Province, presume to grant any License or Permit for the exportation of any Produce, Lumber, or Merchandise whatsoever, contrary to the said General Association; and that a copy of the foregoing Resolves be immediately transmitted to the Printers at New York and Philadelphia, to be inserted in the publick Papers.

Ordered, That a copy of the above Resolves be sent to the Right Honourable William, Earl of Stirling.

The Petition of William Steele, praying that he may be discharged, &c˙, was read the first time.

The Committee appointed to wait on Mr˙ Pettit, and to remove the Records in the Secretary' s Office at Perth-Amboy, made report that they had waited on Mr˙ Pettit, and, as ordered, had removed the Books and Records mentioned in a schedule produced.

The Committee appointed to remove the Money in the Treasury, &c˙, made report, that they waited on Mr˙ Smith, with a copy of the Resolve, who, in the presence of Jonathan Deare, Esq˙, (said to be a Notary Publick) forbid, and protested against the removal of the said Money, but that they had, notwithstanding, removed the same as ordered.

A Letter from Lord Stirling, enclosing an attested copy of a Letter written by Cortlandt Skinner, Esq˙, and directed, to Colonel William Skinner, in England, was read, and said Skinner' s Letter referred for further consideration.

The Proceedings of the Committee of Bethlehem, in the County of Hunterdon, against Christopher Harrison, being transmitted to this Congress and read,

Ordered, That the charge against said Harrison be postponed.

Adjourned to two o' clock, P˙ M.

Met according to adjournment.

A Member of this House informing that Mr˙ Pettit and Mr˙ Smith were desirous of being heard, respecting the removal of the Treasury and Records from Amboy:

Ordered, That they be now heard.

Whereupon they were heard accordingly.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Eastern Treasury, with the Bonds, Securities, and other Writings thereunto belonging, be removed to the house of Peter Schenck, Esq˙, in the County of Somerset.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Eastern Records and Books, removed by a late Resolve of this Congress from the Secretary' s Office, at Perth-Amboy, to New-Brunswick, be further removed to Burlington, and lodged in the Secretary' s Office, at that place.