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The Resolution of the House of Commons


The Resolution of the House of Commons.

Lunae, 20° Die Februarii, 1775. — The House in a Committee on the American Papers, motion made and question proposed,

That it is the opinion of this Committee, that when the Governour, Council, and Assembly, or General Court, of any of His Majesty' s Provinces or Colonies in America shall propose to make provision, according to the condition, circumstances, and situation of such Province or Colony, for contributing their proportion to the common defence, (such proportion to be raised under the authority of the General Court or General Assembly of such Province or Colony, and disposable by Parliament,) and shall engage to make provision also for the support of the civil Government, and the administration of justice in such Province or Colony, it will be proper, if such proposal shall be approved by His Majesty and the two Houses of Parliament, and for so long as such provision shall be made accordingly, to forbear, in respect of such Province or Colony, to levy any duty, tax, or assessment, or to impose any further duty, tax, or assessment, except only such duties as it may be expedient to continue to levy or impose for the regulation of Commerce, the net produce of the duties last mentioned to be carried to the account of such Province or Colony respectively.